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Bay Windows increase the value of a home due to their many functions, benefits, and aesthetic appeal. A Bay Window is usually a centrally- fixed picture window with 2 interchangeable options on either side. The 2 side windows are normally smaller and are vented or fixed. Bay Windows can be made with all different sorts of features like vinyl-made maintenance-free frames, glass styles, and sizes that employ unique looking glass collections and detailed wood panels. It is possible to design all 3 of the Bay Windows to open and at angled projections. The 3 units of the Bay Window are typically built at 25, 30 and 45-degree angles. A 25-degree window, for example, might have a ½ size window with 2 ¼ windows on either side.

Bay Windows have a wide range of options in the areas of style and composition. For example, the glazed style is said to have a cleaner and more modern look. Bays are normally narrower than Bow Windows with frames made from fiberglass, composite, wood, and vinyl. Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Pine, and Alder, are some of the most popular choices of wood. The overall shape and design of a Bay Window is generally more common in modern homes because of their flat planes and angular lines. Bay Windows are great for reading as they provide so much additional natural light. They’re also a wonderfully clever setting for house plants, due the maximized effect of lighting and ventilation.

Bow Windows
A Bow Window provides a great deal of light to a room and more than a Bay Window due to the additional panes of glass and the width of the panes. Bow Windows also work especially well when installed at the corners of a home.

Bow Windows generally employ the use of 3, 4, or 5 windows joined together, and a 4-window construction is the most common. They are built in the form of a curve, and each of the windows may be either fixed or vented. A Bow Window is more curved than a Bay Window and often produces a Victorian looking effect, but its design fits in with a multitude of styles. From an exterior view, the Bow displays a rounded and often, customized and austere appearance. Bow Windows heighten and improve the appearance of spaces. Rooms are brighter and larger-looking and create additional living and sitting space.

Added living space, aesthetic appeal, comfort, enjoyment, and even the improvement of personal health, are just some of the benefits and functional advantages of Bay and Bow Windows. Each pane within a Bay Window can be designed to open, allowing plenty of fresh air into a room as well as the entire home. Bay and Bow Windows generate an arch of brightness within a room. The protrusion of Bay and Bow Windows create the illusion of a room extension. They are also great for storage, which is placed beneath sitting areas or inside of hidden compartments, and benches.

Rooms with Bay and Bow Windows are filled with light and are more open looking. We do not have to be limited by our available resources, and Financing is a superb idea for installation. These windows create incredible value for homes. Schedule a free estimate today from Advance Window Solutions by calling 800-246-9355. Advanced Window Solutions offers us numerous financing options, such as 60 months and 0% interest. Call Now! 801-505-9622 or send an email at the Advance Window Solutions website http://advancedwindowsusa.com/

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