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Homeowners that own more than one home can create a significant amount of passive income by turning the property into a vacation rental. Revenues from private vacation rentals increase annually and according to Bankrate.com, is a $24 billion dollar a year business, accounting for 20% of hotel revenue. Financial experts state that for the majority of homeowners, the income received from seasonal renting makes it possible to pay off approximately 75% of a mortgage.
Renting a home out to travelers for the season is considered by most people to be a no-brainer. Though rental income is taxable, there are numerous deductions that can be made to significantly reduce the cost, such as insurance, management fees, advertising, repairs, utilities, and other expenses.
Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula in Texas, are similar to other well-established U.S. beachfront locales within the states of Florida, Hawaii, and California, featuring pleasant off-season temperatures, refreshing sea breezes that help to keep the air clean, and ocean water that is unpolluted and safe to bathe and swim in. Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula are especially pleasing to the outdoor types who enjoy crabbing, fishing, birdwatching, and of course, beachside leisure. They have both derived considerable popularity for their pleasant beachfront properties and family friendly resort communities with plenty of shopping, restaurants, and nighttime entertainment.   
Finding a Real Estate Company in Crystal Beach to service a rental is pretty straightforward after deciding what types of services are required and will suit the homeowner’s schedule. Crystal Beach Club Properties is a Real Estate and full service management company located in Crystal Beach that handles just about everything, including booking reservations, housekeeping, professional marketing, and asset maintenance. The fee for these services is a reasonable 20%, and this option is especially convenient for individuals with busy schedules as well as for those who may feel more comfortable employing experienced professionals. Other services like Airbnb, are strictly booking services, and are probably most useful for the do-it-yourself type of homeowner, who may also be interested in the additional tax savings earned by making the operation a more service-oriented investment.    

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