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The use of wireless and mobile devices is increasing at an exponential rate. By 2020, wireless and mobile will make up two-thirds of the IP traffic. Wired devices will fall from their 2015 position of 50%, down to 34%. It is now imperative for businesses to institute controls capable of supporting an ever-increasing number of distributed users.

Digitization and Traffic

Estimates for both global and data center IP traffic are set to triple by the year 2019. According to the latest Cisco Cloud Index Report, annual global data center IP traffic will reach 10.4 zettabytes up from its 2014 total of 3.4 ZB, as will global cloud IP traffic, reaching 8.6 ZB in 2019, from its current 2014 amount of 2.1 ZB. Data center traffic in 2014 was 3.5 ZB and in 2019, will also reach 10.4 ZB. Proper utilization of the Wide Area Network is essential to ensure access to critical data points. 

Content Delivery Networks

Richer resources are being delivered to a greater number of users worldwide. These users are procuring content such as applications, pictures, videos, and large documents from a variety of different devices. Content Delivery Networks help to ease WAN traffic by providing sufficient proximal access and make it possible to distribute the data intelligently. CDN’s will carry 64% of all internet traffic by 2020, according to the Visual Networking Index report.

WAN Optimization WANOP

WANOP is key to the generation of business and improved IT controls for organizations. WANOP optimizes the delivery of valuable resources and categorizes WAN requirements based on context, while IT admins make it possible to monitor WAN traffic granularly. The WAN Optimization market is expected to grow to 12.1 billion in 2019, according to a recent MarketsandMarkets report.

Software-defined WAN systems help to optimize delivery strategy while reducing complexity and costs. WAN virtual appliances make it possible to establish greater WAN control. Both the hardware and software forms of WANOP systems allow for greater flexibility, increasing deployment options and business alignment. The successful leveraging of WAN technologies will provide the means for organizations to deliver the richest and most optimized content.

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