DO YOU NEED A BAG? Canvas shopping bags are riding passenger now that the Sacramento City Council Reusable Bag Ordinance went into effect January 1, 2016. The California Plastic Bag Referendum will be on the ballot on November 8, 2016. Though it’s a veto, it will still pretty much outlaw single-use plastic bags. Listed here are a few ways to have fun with plastic when your hands are full and there aren’t any bags…

Number One: Play Barbie

Barbie Doll is made with ABS plastic. Why not purchase one? For yourself or for a youngster that you know, who may want to let you in on some of the fun. Don’t forget about Ken Doll. Nobody really talks about Ken, but he is a very important person in Barbie’s life, integral to the development of so many various themes and plot lines. Toys R Us usually carries the most reliable and extensive Barbie collection 1919 Arden Way

Number Two: Recycle and Make Money

There are quite a few decent recycling locations in Sacramento that will pay for discarded plastics. A single person could easily make at least $10-$20 dollars a month if they drink bottled water and/or other misc. bottled beverages. Lincoln’s Recycling 7111 S Watt Ave 916.383.8888 has an easy to remember address and phone number. Yelp reviewers rate it four and 1/2 stars.

Number Three: Enjoy a Delicious Seafood Dinner

You can have your plastic and eat the fish. According to recent reports, the oceans are filling up with plastic, and it costs the fishing industry billions of dollars in losses every year. That means it’s a great time to purchase and eat fish! Why not start out with a delicious caviar aperitif, delivered from Hot Italian, 916.444.3000. Hot Italian is the new food delivery service that opened in midtown Sacramento this year. Foursquare reviewers voted Sushi Hook, 916.921.6707 as one of the best places in Sacramento to get a seafood salad. How about the Jerk Seasoned Pacific Swordfish and Coconut Prawns from Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar Scott’s Seafood holds the top spot on KCRA’s A-list 2015. Or perhaps “BRING YOUR OWN SAC” lunch, and pack a Mini Lobster Roll, from Martha Stuart’s recipes, made with lemon juice mayonnaise, and chives.

Number Four: Plastic Surgery

How is surgery plastic? The word plastic means to mold something, and comes from the Greek word Plastikos. Plastic surgery is actually more like ‘skin grafting’ surgery or ‘reshaping’ surgery, so really, no one is walking around with synthetic nostrils. Why not see a doctor about freshening up a little? Or perhaps making sure a large blue vein disappears? Too much plastic? How about a nice smile enhancement? A couple of veneers for your front teeth or a bit of whitening for those coffee and cigarette stains. Charles Perry MD of Sacramento Plastics,, is the most highly rated plastic surgeon on yelp, with four 1/2 stars. Dr. Monica Crooks D.D.S says “Get More Smileage Out of Life,” 916.922.2027

Number Five: Plastic Art

Plastic is visual and three-dimensional art, often made from plaster and clay. Miwa Koizumi creates PETS, (polyethylene terephthalate plastic). These are delicate looking little sea creatures made from abandoned recyclables, The ReUse Warehouse, a re-useable materials art supply, is open on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Visit the warehouse and get inspired, Seriously strange things happen with these bags in the environment, and Sacramento is making new friends. Why not pay them a visit and see how they’re getting along? There are more than a dozen Regional Wildlife Viewing locations in Sacramento, These habitats are bursting with multitudes of wild creatures.

m.wilson is a freelance writer and resident of Sacramento. Author of The Fabulous Sutro. Follow her on Twitter @livredoux.