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Obtaining a Drunk Driving Attorney

Attorney Brownstein can assist individuals in the city or within the vicinity, of Meriden, CT, who are looking for a drunk driving attorney. Those who have been charged with a DUI –Driving Under the Influence, DWI – Driving While Impaired, or OUI – Operating Under the Influence in CT, should hire an attorney as soon as possible. Drivers facing charges will find that obtaining immediate representation and discussing their case with a drunk driving attorney, helps them to deal with the situation in a more efficient, appropriate, and timely manner. Taking action to find a drunk driving attorney will allow us at Brownstein to alleviate your concerns about getting into trouble with the law..

Attorney Brownstein Can Negotiate with the Prosecution

Drunk driving lawyer Jeffrey D. Brownstein is an experienced attorney who will give you his informed and professional opinion about your DUI case. When it comes to drunk drivers who’ve received a high BAC – Blood Alcohol Concentration as a result of a mandatory breath or blood test, and also face other irrefutable evidence that determines you were intoxicated while driving drunk, attorney Brownstein can still help these drivers by negotiating with the prosecution. A Drunk driving lawyer is necessary to communicate with the prosecutor in general, and they are often willing to reduce the charges against you as well as any fines. A reduction from a DUI to a reckless driving charge, for example, does not require the suspension of the driver’s license and jail is not typically required. However, some probation and also driving school will most likely still be expected. 

Sentencing and Trial
Sentencing and jail time for a DUI as a first offense will incur a prison stay from two days up to six months; fines will cost about $500 to $1,000 and with one-year of drivers license suspension.  Second offenses are of course more serious. Jail time is four months to two years, fines and penalties cost $1,000- $4,000, and with license suspension for one year. A DUI lawyer can significantly reduce your fines and sentencing. 

Public Defenders
Public defenders are not readily available to all defendants. One must qualify for the public defender based on income. Usually, those with wages higher than the minimum, will not be able to qualify and will have to hire a DWI attorney. Public defenders often have extensive caseloads of DUI cases and should have a good idea of how to best represent a person whose been charged. However, the quality of representation might be debilitated in the eyes of the prosecution if that particular attorney does not have authority or a good reputation with the public defender’s office.

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Call, email, FAX, or even visit out office today to schedule a free consultation. We at Brownstein can help with your DUI case.  Attorney Brownstein will be able to give the advice and guidance you need to resolve your case to the best possible advantage and to finally put the incident behind you. We look forward to protecting your interests. 

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