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Waikiki, for those who are unfamiliar, is a small locale located inside of the island of Honolulu. There is both public and private transportation available for getting around the city.  Buses, trolleys, and taxis are accessible to those who prefer not to rent. Taxis are best found at one’s hotel through the concierge or by calling on the telephone as opposed to hailing one on the street.  Buses are the go-to mode of transportation that allows sightseers to enjoy the outdoors while not having to drive. Be aware though that the buses in Honolulu are normally rather crowded with tourists who prefer to save money. Moreover, the bus schedules are not always timely, and often bus riders take the wrong routes and end up having to call a cab from Hickam Airforce Base.

Travel agents and tourism information sites usually recommend renting a car in Waikiki. Renting a car is often the most reasonable option and helps with getting around from one place to another quickly and independently.  Executive Limo Bus Services in Waikiki are quite popular. Limo buses are a great way, for example, to host a spectacular party or get together for both small and larger groups, while at the same time taking in the beautiful sites of the city.  Limo Bus Service is also used for VIP’s, executive charters, and special events. A professional chauffeur trained in service and safety attends to the gathering so that organizers can focus on other things like making deals or having a great time.  Just about every type of group enjoys themselves in a limo bus. Driven by a professional chauffeur, the limo bus is a great way to multi-task when responsible for large parties of 30-45 people. These groups will enjoy cocktails, sumptuous limo decor, and be shown the beauty of  town in luxurious surroundings all at the same time. 

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