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Sazhie.com is the website that loves to do body rubs and massages! We are a network of local and independent therapists that allows you to select the customers you want and then send them a bid for the requested service. There is no fee to sign up. In fact, we will never charge you for a massage, you will acquire through us directly.

Registering as a therapist with Sazchie.com allows you to: 

  • Set the amount you will earn for the massage.
  • Learn about the client requesting the massage before bidding.
  • Read comments and feedback about customers from other therapists. 
  • Save time on emailing introductions and questions.
  • Establish a public profile and receive bids from massage clients who have specifically chosen you. 
  • Connect with others in the community and provide feedback about your experiences.

Working with Sazhie.com 
The Sazhie.com website is ideal for therapists who want to massage full-time or who just want to pick up some extra business. Sazhie.com clients pay a modest fee of 10.00 per massage, which is deducted from your quoted price. Therapists are able to view a customer’s profile and see, for example, how many massages that person has ordered. Each time someone wants a massage, we will send you a notification. After logging in and viewing their requirements, you will decide if you are interested, and place a bid.

Register Today!
Enough talking, for now – We will be launching Sazhie.com in Denver, Co on 2/1/17. If you would like to increase your business in a safe and efficient manner, then check out Sazhie.com today. It only takes 5 minutes to sign up and create a profile. Sazhie.com is growing rapidly with over 187 new registrations added to the website. Sign up and engage with this rising number of customers who are seeking your exclusive expertise.

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