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One of the most amazing things about sea glass, besides its visible beauty, is that it is a naturally occurring phenomena created by nature. It is the transmutation of glass as it is exposed to the elements such as ultraviolet light, salt water, wind, and ice. Sea glass is a kind of gem in its own right, created by the weathering process, which produces the geologically frosted glass. Glass is forged from the 4 elements of air, water, fire,  and solidifying silica earth. There are many kinds of glass such as natural obsidian and volcanic glass. These were used by the men and women of the ancient world. Many people enjoy wearing crystal jewelry, both for its splendor and for energetic reasons. It carries and represents the energies of rebirth, communication, and the merging of the elements. Sea glass, when worn, has the capacity to concentrate and reflect illumination in brilliant ways and the effects are distinctly enhanced by the color of the glass. 

Sea Glass Jewelry Craftsmanship
Our jewelry features old and very rare pieces of sea glass and pottery. We guarantee that all of our jewelry is made with genuine – natural sea glass found by us on the beaches of the Abaco Islands. Every piece is handcrafted and made with high-quality materials. Bruce and Gail Barton owner of Sea Glass Designs create each high-quality item in the collection by hand.  Extensive care is suffused into the crafting of each 100% genuine, authentic, and handpicked article of Sea Glass derived from the powder-sand beaches, crystal clear seas, and reefs of the Bahamas. Due to efforts made to preserve the pristine environment of these magnificent islands, most areas in the Bahamas remain in their most immaculate state, dwelling within a dimension that is seemingly parallel to paradise. When you wear Sea Glass Designs, it is not only the artisanship but also the genesis of these magnificent pieces that seems to improve our individual realities. Wearers often have the sense of an otherworldy light that is not only seen but felt. Perhaps this is because each piece carries the unique and mysterious glimmer of its origins…

Our Creative Enterprise
Our creations are found in gift shops, museums and art galleries in both the Bahamas and the US. We also enjoy designing custom pieces for our customers. It is rewarding to turn someone’s favorite piece of sea glass into a lasting memory. We work closely with our clients to create the perfect setting for their sea glass. We are members of the North American Sea Glass Association, American Silversmiths Association, and MJSA. 

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