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Lori Bregman, a pregnancy coach in Los Angeles, CA, has created a Green Smoothie that Promotes Fertility. The smoothie is beneficial to both men and women as both contribute to successful conception. I think that it’s a good idea to drink fertility smoothies even if you’re not really interested in conceiving a child as these types of drinks nourish the body in a way that have incredibly helpful physical, mental, and emotional benefits.  

It makes sense to make fertility smoothies for a male partner when trying to conceive, since according to WEBMD, it takes a man over the age of 45, five times longer to impregnate a female as compared with his potency under the age of 25. Moreover, 50% of males suffer reduced potency between the ages of 40-70 and lose testosterone at a rate of 1% per year after age 30. 

Most women have heard of at least some of the various vitamins, herbs, and in some cases, homemade remedies that promote pregnancy. The smoothie recipe below, for example, contains berries, powdered greens, Acai, and Goji berries, which are used in a significant number of Green Fertility Smoothies and have been found to nourish the blood and promote healthy cell growth. Natural Protein Powder builds healthy tissues while both the Royal Jelly and Wheat Grass help to create hormonal balance. Royal Jelly also increases estrogen levels, sperm quality, and testosterone levels in men, and the Wheat Grass nourishes cells and supports PH alkaline levels. Maca Root and Bee Pollen increase the sex drive.  Maca Root is a widely used fertility aid that nourishes the endocrine system and improves energy and Bee Pollen nourishes the eggs, ovaries, and increases sperm count. Fish oil promotes sperm mobility, blood flow to the uterus, and improves moods. 

•    Fresh or frozen mixed organic berries.
•    Almond, rice, or hemp milk. 
•    Natural Protein powder. 
•    2 shots of fresh or powdered wheatgrass 
•    Maca root powder
•    Acai or Goji berries 
•    Mixed powered greens
•    Royal Jelly 
•    Bee pollen 
•    Liquid omegas or coconut oil 

1. Read each label on the back of each product and estimate the amounts/dosages accordingly.
2. Combine all of the ingredients together in a blender.
3. Add milk according to the desired thickness and consistency preferred.

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