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Watertown Flooring Services
Connecticut Flooring LLC has been attending to the flooring service needs of Watertown residents for over 25 years. We are experts at taking care of every type of flooring concern such as *new floor installation *borders, *staining, *repairs, *sanding, *refinishing, and *medallions flooring design.  New floor installation is one of the easiest ways to create the most resplendent room transformations within a home. Our professional contractors work quickly and efficiently, bringing their years of expert knowledge and skill to every job. Connecticut Flooring LLC can install any type of new flooring our customers require. We also specialize in the methods and processes of sanding, refinishing, and repair work, utilized for updating and restoring older flooring; returning floors to their former glory. 

Watertown Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Properly maintained hardwood floors can last generations. Most hardwood flooring needs and deserves a professional refinishing before too long. How often your floors need refinishing work depends on a number of factors having to do with wear and maintenance. Often floors will acquire various types of noticeable damage such as deep scratches and gouges, water damage from wet shoes and boots, spills, and other types of scarring in highly trafficked areas. Professional refinishing is labor intensive work that involves rigorous cleaning, specialized equipment, and chemical treatments, which enable wood floors to continue looking polished and immaculate.  Watertown Hardwood Flooring Installation/Sales
Connecticut Flooring LLC offers competitive and affordable pricing on our products and services. We make beautiful, long-lasting hardwood floors attainable for Watertown residents who may have previously ruled out hardwood due to economic concerns. Connecticut Flooring LLC only uses the highest quality materials available. Harwood flooring is an investment that is sure to improve the value and enjoyment of any home. 

Watertown Carpet Sales/ Tile Sales 
Connecticut Flooring LLC makes replacing damaged, worn, and out of date carpeting and tiles possible by providing attractive financing options and near wholesale prices. Shop from our vast carpeting and tile options such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, wool, cotton, vinyl sheet, porcelain, and ceramic. Some carpeting materials are specially designed to withstand various abuses such as abrasion resistance, soil and stain, and direct sunlight. Luxury Vinyl Tile can create the look of very high priced flooring like marble and hardwood so that flooring can be updated as soon as it is needed.  

Choose from our many select styles and colors of carpeting and tile. Balance the color palette of a room with beige and earth tones. Select an abuse-resistant carpeting material like nylon for a home with animals and children, or follow the trend and make a wall-to-wall statement by layering with more vibrant colors and patterns. Contact Connecticut Flooring LLC today!

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