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Health permits are required to sell food and obtaining it is one of the most important tasks on a new restaurant to- do list. The Orange County Environmental Health department sends its inspectors out into the field to conduct its investigations of food facilities approximately 1 to 4 times throughout the year. Any type of food venture, whether it is a restaurant, cart, truck, public or private cafeteria, cottage food operation, certified farmer’s market, event food booth, commissary, or bar it must open its doors to these officials.

Restaurant owners new to the industry often have a multitude of questions about how to begin the process of opening a restaurant and there are quite a few informative magazines and online resources available. During the initial development, restaurateurs are wondering how much money  they will need to have for both the apparent and unforeseen circumstances. It is usually a good idea to contact the health inspector assigned to the food facility location, so that they will be able to provide all the information regarding the fees, requirements, and specific type of permit that must be obtained.

It is common for restaurateurs to purchase establishments that are fully operational and keep everything about it the same. Despite the retention of perhaps the same food, décor, employees, and regular clientele, these conditions will not satisfy the Health Department. Restaurant permits are non-transferable and the new owner must apply. When taking over an existing restaurant it is strongly advised by the health department to access the historical health reports. These can be found by visiting the website http://ocfoodinfo.com/permit or by telephone (714)433-6000.

Restaurant owners often prefer to redesign, remodel, and/or upgrade their new business when they first partake in such an investment. Improving the physical environment is usually a good way to attract customers. It is also a great way to discern if the structure of the restaurant is up to fire safety and building code. Orchid Construction is a restaurant design company that offers facility services, including acquisition of a restaurant permit. Visit Orchid Construction and find out about their many helpful services. Free quotes and consultations are available over the telephone.

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