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Our kids’ dental office in Newmarket is one of the most pleasant places in the world for children to experience their first dental appointments. It’s important to the dentists of East River Dental to be able to introduce your child to dental services in a way that will help them to remain calm and positive, without anxiety, at the dentist office. Children can be sensitive to experiences they have at the dentist, especially ones that occur when they are very young babies with newly erupting teeth.

One-Stop-Shop for All of Your Family Dentistry Services

East River Dental is a one-stop-shop for family dentistry services. One of our favorite capacities as an office of dental practitioners is providing our expert services to entire families who attend dental appointments together. We would like to see more families attending dental check-ups as a unit, which is usually a good sign that families are assisting each other with dental care and hygiene within the home. Some of the special services we provide to children :

  • We have convenient hours that are designed to be convenient for working parents. East River retains multiple hygienists on staff, all working at the same time so that your appointment will always be handled expeditiously.  
  • Unlike many other dentists, we are open on the weekends and later in the evenings. We also offer payment options that are considerate of parents with children who sometimes feel financially stressed about their many expenses.
  • We make every effort to keep your child engaged while undergoing exams and treatments. One of the main techniques we use is to keep your child distracted at all times during the visit. Our office utilizes toys, video games, and other kinds of kid-favorite activities, to increase the likelihood that your child remains relaxed and distracted.

Bringing Your Child into the Dentist

Baby teeth do not survive in your child’s mouth for very long, but they still need to be maintained and taken care of while your child has the good use of them. Dental visits should begin as soon as the baby teeth appear, and this will help to ensure that these teeth emerge and form in your child’s mouth uniformly and comfortably. Parents may want to keep in mind that dental emergencies for children -incidents such as loose teeth and extraoral/intraoral trauma, occur most often when they’ve been playing outside on the playground.

Time spent inside our dental office rarely exceeds one hour. During the visit, your dentist will speak with you and your family, explain any details to you, and devise a treatment plan. Following this informative session, you need only to take care of your insurance co-pay, and then you’ll be ready to go! If your family is not insured, East River offers a 10% discount on your family services account total. Contact East River Dental and schedule an appointment for your family dental care today!

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