IMAX tickets for the upcoming Star Wars film “The Force Awakens” opening on December 18 were sold out through Christmas way back in October 2015 when the trailer first aired. As of December 4 IMAX seating, according to, is completely sold out well into January 2016. There are still tickets available at the other theaters around town, though purchasing as soon as possible is advisable, since some of the availability is for the off-hour shows like 11 p.m. and midnight. How about having a Star Wars inspired day to celebrate this upcoming theatrical bonanza? Here are five suggestions:

1: Attend A Star Wars Film Party Star Wars film parties have been happening all year, and there are still a couple more scheduled prior to opening day. The SW Catch Up Party for instance, is December 13 at 7:00 p.m. It’s an indoor picnic party where A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi will be shown. Catch Up is taking place at the Olympus Sports Coliseum 4500 Pell Dr. Sac, CA 95838. More information is available on Facebook:

2: Visit The Vault In Old Sacramento Would you perhaps be interested in some Star Wars fine art? It’s been a rather meaningful project for artist Robert Katz, who was recently on hand to sign autographs of his limited edition Star Wars prints (story here). Katz’s oil paintings are priced at approximately $2,000 and up. His and other Star Wars works of art are located in The Vault at Stage Nine in Old Sacramento. 102 K street Sac, CA 95814 916-447-3623.

3: Make A Star Wars Cocktail The Imperial Forces can be stressful. Why not sip on a delicious Star Wars cocktail to soothe the nerves? These recipes can be found online. A Star Wars for example is: 1 part Southern Comfort, 1 part Amaretto, 1 part Sprite, and 1 part sweet and sour mix. Shake or stir and then pour into a cocktail glass. If you missed Sacramento Cocktail Week this past August, a good place to ask for Star Wars themed cocktails is at the Coin-Op Game Room, newly opened in May, which advertised specially made Star Wars beverages during the festival. The Coin-Op Game Room is a classic video game arcade with a bar and a restaurant. Visit for more info. 908 K street Sacramento, CA 95814 916-661-6983.

Number Four: Adopt A Baby Chewbacca There are plenty of baby-sized Star Wars stuffed animals for everyone. The little Wookiees are especially cute, but you might also like an R2 D2, Darth Vader, or a Yoda, who is much older looking than a baby, but may bring out the force in you. These are sold at most toy stores, and you can also order them online on Think Geek’s website.

Number Five: Prepare For The Intergalactic Expo in May. Start working on a costume or prop design for the Intergalactic Expo, which happens every May in West Sacramento. Security guards warn not to make Phasers and other weaponry too realistic looking. Volunteers are asked to create science fiction props to help with the event. Financial donations are also welcome as the entire event is a benefit for the Make A Wish Foundation, a children’s charity. Tickets (Intergalactic Passports) for the event will be $10 and children under the age of 12 with paying adults get in free. You can follow this event through their Facebook site: The Intergalactic Expo will be held at: 1110 West Capitol Avenue West Sacramento, CA!admissiontickets/c1sz2

m.wilson is a freelance writer and resident of Sacramento. Author of The Fabulous Sutro. Follow her on Twitter @livredoux