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‘Venus Died – Earth Survives’

Venus is often called a twin because it shares so many of Earth’s physical attributes. The “sister” of Earth, Venus, was habitable for billions of years before a “runaway greenhouse effect” took hold of the planet around 700 million years ago. The major difference is that Earth is a ‘cradle of life’ while Venus is like hell, with an average temperature of 864F and persistently scorched by acid rain (BBC, 2015).


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Earth’s warming temperatures, also referred to as climate change, are accelerating faster than they ever have in Earth’s history – and more rapidly than life can adapt (National Geographic, 2020). Humans increase the Greenhouse Effect by producing gasses like carbon dioxide, fluorinated gases, methane, and nitrogen oxide, which collect in the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists surmise that when the sun’s intensity increased by 30 percent on Venus, the water evaporated and set about the atmosphere creating this very toxic effect. When the atmosphere heats up, the molecules break down, travel, and convert into all kinds of different things. So when a planet heats up too much, it’s bad.

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Personal Life

Many pro-choice advocates are constantly forced to confront the notion that they have no regard for “human life,” and in a way that contaminates other issues. For example, the implication (perhaps from a relative or acquaintance) that you: don’t care about children, that as a person, you’d prefer to just ‘do away’ with the causes of your problems, that you are not a real humanitarian; that your ‘motherly instinct,’ is a joke; that you are not cut out or don’t deserve to ever be a mother; that you are anti-growth, anti-progress, and anti-development; that you have no right to say to someone “you are messing up my life,” vague associations with criminals on death row or with those who have ‘taken a life,’ as if pro-choice refers to babies sleeping in mommy’s lap, kids playing in the schoolyard, people who drive cars – have bank accounts, etc.

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Speaking Out

Bill of Health (Harvard Law School), noted the mischaracterization of the ‘nature’ and ‘importance’ assigned to abortions, when Alabama, Ohio, and Texas, declared the procedure non-essential or elective, and cited the need to conserve personal protective equipment (PPE). On the contrary, these patients forced to complete their pregnancies would require far more PPE for essential things like: prenatal visits occurring every four weeks, medical emergencies, obstetric triage/assessment, labor, and in/out-patient care.

Globally, there are roughly 2.5 million newborn deaths per year (or 7,000 per day). Curiously, infant mortality rates are typically highest in these same southern states – Alabama, Texas (and including Ohio), where the death rate is double and triple the death rates in coastal states (California/New York) (Who.int, 2019). WHO regards birth statistics as some of the most significant in terms of ‘the overall health of a society.’

April’s Washington Post criticized President Trump, government leaders, and others in a hurry to restart the economy, for a “jaw-dropping, cavalier display of indifference to human life.” The article went on to say that “Christians have squandered any argument that they care about human life [due to their] willingness to sacrifice others in the name of capitalism (Rubin, 2020).”

“The question of whether the embryo or fetus is a person…is not answerable by science.”

Daniel Sulmasy, a professor of biomedical ethics at Georgetown University (and former Franciscan friar) The Atlantic (2020)
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Use the Science

The pro-life movement reportedly has a love/hate relationship with the world of science because, for example, of the discoveries related to the process of development, which pro-lifers regard as supportive of their idea of humanity at conception. At any stage of fertilization, the organism would be considered a growing human, and which is, therefore, benefit to all basic human rights. The conflict, however, is the advances that have lead to what the Catholic scientist referred to as a “culture of death” – science that can reveal the presence of crippling and disfiguring diseases like down syndrome (The Atlantic, 2020).

Life as in the ‘Image and likeness of God’

Life-issues such as preserving the environment, protecting wildlife, vulnerable human populations, etc., are usually Democratic Party concerns, and which is predominantly pro-choice. In contrast, Republicans tend to be Christian, family-oriented, nationalistic, and pro-life. Nonetheless, most human beings of any political party expect to be given status well above nature and animals in matters concerning food, drug testing, hospitalization, day-to-day occurrences, etc. It is this handling of God’s creation in the earliest stages (including events that may occur involuntarily in a restroom) that remain in dispute.

If babies are God, then who are we to adjust, delay, or tamper with (‘him’) in any way whatsoever? Or is it that when life is created, we must ensure we do our utmost to make it as lively, happy, and healthy as possible so that it can thrive and make the Earth a better place?

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