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National Scotch Day will be here soon, on Thursday, July 27th, 2017. What better way to celebrate the noble and mystifying spirits of the ages but with the – spirits of the ages? On this momentous holiday, pour yourself an excellent glass of Scotch and toast to the 15th century; the discovery of the New World!

On National Scotch Day visit a nearby bar lounge and sample some of the mild to the more extreme flavors of Scotch, procured from the many regions of Scotland. Scotch has classically been referred to as a gentleman’s drink, but there are plenty of women who appreciate its strength. She might be a sophisticated gal with an intellectual knowledge of whiskey or perhaps, more the rambling kind of – lady of adventure. 

It is also widely used as a health remedy. Scotch reportedly contains the Ellagic Acid, a very effective anti-oxidant, and is recommended by health professionals in the treatment and prevention of blood clots, cancer, dementia, heart attacks, and strokes. And of course, let’s not forget the Hot Toddy, used for colds and illnesses, and made with lemon, honey, hot water, Scotch, and served in a glass. 

On National Scotch Day 2017, perhaps this year you’ll enjoy the holiday relaxing at home with a bottle of years old Scotch, “housed in Lalique Crystal,” drinking it neat with just a bit of water to enhance its subtle flavors; or maybe you prefer to mix it up; invite the neighbors over, and create a unique kind of cocktail with a little more pizzazz, like a “Swing & Swizzle,” (vanilla coffee, Campari, Ginger Beer, and lemon juice); or a “Great Pretender,” (peach brandy and sweet vermouth). On the other hand, how about a magical toast with a group of friends or a loved one while out on the town. If you live in Amherst, NY, come and visit us at Scotch ‘n Sirloin Bar Restaurant, where we serve scotch as well as many other great spirits and liquors. Celebrate National Scotch Day with the enthusiasm the holiday deserves. Scotch ‘n Sirloin restaurant and bar is quite simply THE place for scotch; it’s even in the name! 

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