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Course Overview:
This online course is being offered to those within the manufacturing and construction, professional communities, as well as handypersons, homeowners, and others, who wish to add to their working knowledge about sealant and adhesive equipment, tools, and maintenance best practices.  Bolair’s sealant and adhesive equipment lines from Graco, are used as the standard throughout numerous industries. By following along with this course and making yourself an expert, you’ll find that it ‘s a great way to improve your all-around production knowledge as well as your own personal value as a manufacturing operator. After this course, you will obtain the ability to conduct sealant and adhesive applications and with the use of the proper controls, conditions, and types of equipment.


  • Essential parts overview about Graco sealants and adhesives equipment.
  • Product specifications: which applications to use with your sealants and adhesives.
  • Maintenance: how to know when your Graco systems require maintenance and what do you do about it?
  • Equipment safety features and requirements for use (suggested PPE).
  • Repairs and parts replacement: How you can easily be put in touch with a certified Bolair representative to order replacement parts or have your equipment repaired.
  • The benefits of two-component dispensing systems.

WHO IS GRACO? Company description
Graco Inc. – The Gray Company, is a pioneering manufacturer of fluid handling systems, now based in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Gray Company began its business during the 1940’s, gaining notoriety when its innovative paint pump was introduced in 1948.  In the 1950’s, Graco continued to introduce groundbreaking state-of-the-art devices into the market, most notably, the innovative appliances used for automobile paint spraying. The airless spray gun in 1957 became a breakthrough product for the company.  The Gray Company name was then shortened to Graco during the late 1960’s when it went public. Later it acquired H.G. Fischer & Co, an electrostatic painting equipment manufacturer, which more firmly implanted the company as a commercial and industrial leader in automotive finishing and fluid handling systems.

Methods of Preparation:
1. To get started, go over each lesson in the course and make note of any equipment and applications you aren’t familiar with. Next, reread any of those sections that you’re not sure of.  
2. Make a review of the most important concepts and terms in each of the sections.
3. Mentally align your production needs with the descriptions of the equipment.
4. As you review, add in what you think your future production needs are. Will they grow in size or orientation?
5. Next, envision the difference between recalling the information in a scenario in which you’re operating in a location where you’d need to recall the information from memory and one in which you’d be able to see and read the printed information.

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