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Luckily, cat grooming and dog grooming, unlike a dental cleaning, does not require general anesthesia. However, general anesthesia is usually necessary to enable a dentist to clean a cat or dog’s teeth thoroughly. Grooming is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also improve an animal’s overall health. For example, nails that a dog is resistant to have cut might grow too long and injure someone in the household or break off and become infected. Un-clipped nails also affect a dog’s ability to walk and might eventually lead to arthritis. It is sometimes advisable to bring a pet in for a consultation to discern whether or not it has any special needs or concerns. These needs may require special treatment or equipment that the pet owner does not have at home. Most grooming salons offer consultations with certified groomers who can conduct a screening of the animal before grooming. They will check the animals nose to make sure that it isn’t not overly dry, cracked, and irritated; that fur in not matted and dull looking with sores, lumps, and bumps underneath. They will also inspect broken / irritated teeth, and abnormal odors from within the ear canals, which are some of the symptoms that may indicate a more serious health concern.

Certified groomers have the ability to get along peacefully with animals, a product of their training and affinity for animals. They are professionals with a practiced sense of gentility with pets. They impart a special grace of patience that is understood and appreciated by the animals the groomer encounters on a daily basis.

It is often convenient to have a full-service grooming done on a pet during its stay at a pet boarding facility. For pet owners residing in the Los Angeles area, there is All Star Pet Resort. It’s a pet hotel and day care facility, offering a full array of services, such as earwax swab removal, flea and tick removal, sanitary /hygiene clip, conditioner rinse, and cut and shave for matted hair. All Star Pet Resort provides free tours of its facility prior to booking.

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