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Social Media Marketing – 8 Quick Tips

There are billions of users out there waiting to become aware of your business and products. The number of social media sites continues to grow each year; The top 6 sites in New Zealand and Australia with the most users are Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, and Twitter. Social Media Marketing at first might seem like a daunting or overwhelming task for a new company or small business, since there are so many choices and ways of best-utilizing the service. If so we are here to help! On the other hand a business may begin creating its social networking channels only to discover that there is a great deal more to it than they initially expected, and aren’t quite sure if they are getting competitive results from it. If you are not utilizing Social Media Marketing to its best advantage you must do so now as soon as possible in order to boost your clientele, CSR, and return on investment. Consumers are patronizing social media platforms in ever greater numbers, while testing and analysis continue to deliver more detailed information about how they are using it. Enlisting a service like ours can assist your business in sorting out the great number of variables, paths and specifications, and will save your company a great deal, propelling you to success much faster. Social Media Marketing works and it is here to stay!

1. Having the time or the available staff to respond to customer questions and interest, which has been derived from online social media, is of the utmost importance. The interest received about your businesses can become leads, and this exchange becomes the perfect time for a sales pitch and/or persuasive presentation. Additionally, consumer complaints in this medium can be turned into positive experiences.

2. Target your clientele with detail oriented targeted PPC based on age, interests, location, sex, education level, and job title.

3. Provide customers with valuable discounts; the greater the discount the greater the value; almost like giving away free stuff!

4. Content marketing is becoming inextricably linked with Social Media Marketing. Provide potential customers with informative and valuable content such as how-to articles, webinars, e-books, and samples. Aggregate channels which collect and share information are being outperformed by organizations that create and share original content. Google for instance will rank original content more highly and above aggregated content. Original content is also a better way to showcase the overall benefit of your product or service.

5. One of the latest social media entries, Snapchat may be catching up with Instagram in popularity. Snapchat, the site where Madonna has recently posted her new video, features platforms based on visual content and is proving to be paramount in importance. Visual content is more appealing to many consumers, as it can be recognized and understood more rapidly than a newsfeed for example; and statistics reveal that 40% of the audience have a better response to visual photos – over text. This other domain of visually oriented audiences should help to extend your reach; to promote to a greater audience, and facilitate growth.

6. Research what the competitors are offering based on customer needs. Observe what they are do and notice if consumer needs are being met.

7. Stay abreast of the latest social media platforms such as the new Ello site that is currently creating a great deal of buzz. It is being promoted as the anti-Facebook, and is predicted to do well. Snapchat and Jelly are both new, visually oriented media sites that offer innovative and appealing features such as the new disappearing content. Jelly opened in 2014 and was created by the founders of Twitter. Jelly is a question and answer social networking site. Twitter will be increasing its scope of performance-based actions and will soon provide more objective-based campaigns for obtaining new followers and leads for example. It will facilitate more results as opposed to just brand visibility. Popular Instagram is predicted to outpace Vine, a social media hub which is not as well known in New Zealand. Instagram was the fastest growing social media network in 2014.

8 Optimize your Google+ page for Search Ranking, post content, and start tracking. 2014 saw the rise of Google +, with nearly half of the monthly users as Facebook, which boasts approximately 13 billion monthly users. Google+ will assume a greater role in its search engine. Google Panda and Google Penguin are penalizing websites that do not provide fresh quality content. Be advised. Where google is concerned, make sure that your site is offering quality content that is not overly optimized, and that reflects well on your business. Contact us today! We are available to answer any questions you have about Social Media Marketing!

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