In Sacramento, remodeled 19th century firehouses are some of the best places to grab a meal. However, in 2015, 32 new restaurants were opened or began construction in Sacramento, so if you are the type of restaurant patron who enjoys new experiences, it’s time to order your palette-cleansing beverage of choice and start sampling. For most of these restaurants, it is recommended to call and make a reservation in advance.

Empress Tavern 1013 K St Sac, CA 95814 916.662.7694 Empress Tavern is the new restaurant located inside The Crest Theater. It has one of the highest ratings of all the new restaurants reviewed by The Sacramento Bee. Empress is also receiving raves on sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor praising its knowledgeable and charming staff. Empress offers what is being called a “meat-centric” menu and has an extensive assortment of rare beer brews.

Fish Face 1104 R St Sac, CA 95811 916.706.0605 Sac News & Review gives Fish Face four 1/2 out of five stars. Foodies who enjoy the latest trends or who are tired of the bad service at Mikuni, may wish to try the fish poke style of cuisine that originally began in Hawaii. Fish Face is mainly a to-go bar. A customer chooses a salad size, selects their desired type of fish, and then adds one of the sauces.

Brasserie Capitale 1201 K St Sac, CA 95814 916.329.8033 Brasserie Capitale is receiving pretty decent reviews from the media critics and from the clients online as well. The Sacramento Bee notes the intricate delicacy of the desert selections, detailing the delicious, caramelized sweetness of the dessert they ordered, so delicious that even the extended wait time melted away in their mouths.

Iron Horse Tavern 1800 15th St Suite B Sac, CA 95811 916.448.4488 Iron Horse Tavern is one of the latest additions to the booming R St. corridor. The Sac News & Review states that Iron Horse Tavern is a little too much like TGIF, but the restaurant is earning enthusiastic reviews from clients for its innovative menu selections, like Asian Style Street Tacos, its friendly service, larger-size portions, and reasonable prices.

Cielito Lindo 3672 J St Sac, CA 95816 916.736.2506 Everybody likes a good comeback/rebuild story. Cielito Lindo is now more popular than ever, since its reopening after the fire that destroyed its previous location last year. The Sac News & Review advises not to let the casual atmosphere distract from the fine dining experience of the cuisine. The Sacramento Bee gives Cielito three stars for food and praises the outstanding service.

m.wilson is a freelance writer and resident of Sacramento. Author of The Fabulous Sutro. Follow her on Twitter @livredoux.