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Extensive excavation is sometimes required to replace sewer pipes that are damaged and leaking or that continually have problems due to age, and unfortunately, excavation may result in costly property damage.

Main sewer lines back up for many different reasons and maintenance is required for all types of sewer pipes. Most experts recommend regular annual inspection and cleaning to avoid the need for excavation and to keep them in working order.

When tree roots and shrubs become thirsty and require moisture, they begin directing their growth toward the vapors of moisture emitting from holes, cracks or inadequately sealed joints. The presence of these invaders causes problems like leaks and clogs within the system.  
Hard water, usually composed of lime or lead,  builds up within sewer pipes creating pipe scale. Calcification, corrosion, and grease accumulation require the use of descaling services and are easily managed with the use of regular maintenance.  

Homes build before 1950 usually have clay sewer pipelines. Clay pipes often have joints invaded by roots and other blockages. Regular snaking to remove and clear these blockages, along with environmentally safe chemical treatments, will clear the pipes and help to prevent re-growth.
Homes built between 1950-60 normally have pipes made from fiber conduit and should be CCTV camera- inspected and cleaned annually to prevent malformation of the pipes. The cast iron sewer lines that have been used since the 1970’s develop rust deposits that lead to blockages and should be snaked and cleaned once a year.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining is a technology that was invented 30 years ago. This technique usually insures approximately 50 additional years of sewer services and without having to replace the pipes. The trenchless rehabilitation of the pipes is achieved by re-lining and curing them in place: An inflatable bladder is installed to the pipes, which hardens and cures, providing a new smooth and clean liner for all sewer works. Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining creates seamless repair that is 1/8-1/4” when the bladder is deflated and removed from the pipe.

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