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Ankle Spurs are outgrowths that can develop along the edges of the bone in the talus and tibia bones of the ankle joint. Ankle Spurs are osteophytes that usually occur within the joints but can develop in any bone within the ankle. Ankle spurs often manifest in areas that have been injured or that are inflamed within the cartilage and tendons. Local inflammation like arthritis and tendonitis are areas frequently susceptible to the growth and development of ankle spurs.

Treatment for Ankle Spurs
Non-invasive treatments are preferable in relation to foot disorders. One of the physical indications of an ankle spur is the increased sensation of pain in the dorsiflexion of the ankle. This discomfort is felt at the moment when the ankle bends in an upward motion.There may also be swelling and a sensation of throbbing pain if there is irritation of the ligaments within the synovium of the ankle joint capsule.

If non-surgical methods fail to relieve your symptoms, then surgical techniques like Ankle Cheilectomy may be in order. A thorough exam with X-rays of the ankle must be conducted to ascertain the precise condition of the ankle. The ankle will also be assessed for the presence of arthritis. For sufferers of severe ankle arthritis, surgical procures like Ankle Cheilectomy are not always guaranteed to relieve ankle pain and will most likely reduce the benefit of the procedure. An Ankle Cheilectomy removes the bone spur from the bones of the ankle joint. The goal of this procedure is to alleviate the ankle pain that results from bone impingement (pinching) in the anterior of the ankle.

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