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Many women have asked their male friends what they think about a woman who sleeps with a man on the first date. They have not given up trying to understand the male psyche and would like to rationalize and justify various dating experiences that perplex and stupefy – through the process of reason. On the other hand, women, who are already spoken for, might be merely expressing their curiosity in the most up-to-date cultural anthropology. If u sleep with a guy on the first date, how do guys feel about the girl afterward? Do they usually see that person again?  How long does it take for him to call her? Alas, most women are seeking to expand their knowledge of the fundamental stratagems after feeling like they’ve been tossed away like yesterday’s tea bag. 

What Guys Think Before a First Date

According to Verily, men who have asked women out on a date are risking rejection, which means that when they ask you out, they are certain about their intentions due to the  amount of risk involved. What if the woman says no? Or even worse, tells him why? These guys must work up the courage to ask a girl out and are as urgently inquisitive about their date as women are. They are wondering what their date is thinking and feeling and where they stand, throughout the entire date. Verily suggests reassuring your male companion, letting him know that you are enjoying yourself.

If U Sleep with a Guy on the First Date

Have you ever been super-psyched and flushed with gleeful sexual satisfaction after a first date, only to find that you’ve been kicked to the curb? Why does this happen? If a man sleeps with a woman on the first date, is he disappointed? Bored? Disgusted? Do guys ever feel fine just going with the flow? A lot of men say that they don’t find first date sex offensive or immoral, and according to Cosmopolitan, numerous long lasting relationships have started off with sex on the first date. However, other men, when asked,  may present some foul-sounding kind of responses that make you regret dating. 

Another interesting scenario that may occur, and perhaps for the more sexually adventurous gal, is when there is a tremendous amount of sexual tension from the onset, a chemistry that promises to make for an incredibly exciting mind blowing sexual encounter, but that unfortunately, fizzles down into something of a more moderate nature, due to a mutually agreed, getting-to know-you period of abstinence. A group of males surveyed by Glamour Magazine showed men to be mainly preoccupied with the quality of sex on a date first and foremost and secondarily, the quality of the connection.

In conclusion, it sounds as if a significant amount of men are willing to hang in there after first date sex  for at least a few dates, and without much judgment in regards to respectability or appropriateness, if they are sexually satisfied.

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